Plein-Air Fredericksburg Battlefield

I have tried to paint this view three times so far and will just settle with this final attempt. The shadows and light move so quickly in the afternoon and its difficult to capture so much change in one painting session. This is the Innis House on the Sunken Road of Fredericksburg Battlefield which somehow survived chaos (though it was heavily riddled with bullet holes).


“The Sirens” – Part 2

I have three beautiful 18″x36″ hardboard panels waiting to be painted and I think I will continue with the Greek myth theme I have been working on for the past few years but focus specifically on Homer’s The Odyssey. I know I have tried variations of “The Sirens” in the past, but I am hoping the different aspect ration of my painting surface will help me to envision it in a unique way. I am also going to use the “Golden Ratio” compositional device implemented by Da Vinci and other Renaissance artist in helping me to fine tune my composition. Here are a few more thumbnail compositions:




And with most of my previous painting projects, I like to see how other artist have tackled the same subject:

N.C. Wyeth

H.J. Draper

J.W. Waterhouse